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"Bella can walk again!"

This is Bella the dog
Daniel is the child. After Bella was accidentally ran over. She had 2 fractured hips. The vet didn’t expect her ever to walk again because one hip was very badly fractured. We were given the option to euthanize her but we couldn’t because Bella was my daughter’s best friend.

Our vet recommended we try therapy. It was the only option. We reluctantly decided to try physical therapy.

Diley started working with Bella 48 hours after her accident while she was still hospitalized. Diley would do therapy on our girl twice a day for the first two weeks of her hospitalization. Diley never gave up and she encouraged Bella to try hard. Not only was Diley doing therapy on our sweet Bella but she would also give us hope.

Our family was crushed we didn’t think Bella would walk again.

After 6 weeks Bella could take little steps. And after two months Bella was practically running.

Our Bella was given a second chance because Diley and our vet did an amazing job.
Thank you Dawg Rehab

Mario Speedwogan

April 21, 2022